Like No Udder - Vegan Ice Cream Truck for Events
big nazo with ice cream truck
kid wearing ice cream
ice cream cones

Like No Udder is not only about making history (we’re the world’s first all vegan soft serve ice cream truck).  We’re also about serving delicious products that just happen to be free of all animal products.  This includes dairy, eggs, animal fats and honey.  Our mission is to bring smiles to peoples’ faces and serve the best possible dairy-free treats available.  Years of research have culminated into this dream and we hope you have a chance to share in the joy that is vegan soft serve and frozen desserts.

Our first vegan business in the early 2000’s, The Screaming Vegan, was a wholesale baking business where we diligently made cupcakes, cakes, cookies and brownies.  While we loved providing a product for our loyal customers, baker’s hours were not our cup of tea.  So we left that world behind, but not without taking valuable business lessons and food passions along with us.

We started the truck in 2010 as a street service vendor and event business.  Now years later, we are focused mostly on events, both public and private.  With our shop on the Eastside of Providence, folks can now find us rain or shine during regular business hours.  No more ‘stalking’ the truck, unless you want to!  Betsy Loo will be out at regional events and is always available for hire.

With a combined vegan and vegetarian background of over 47 years, Karen and Chris of Like No Udder look forward to serving you soon.  We thank you and the cows thank you.