Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is your soft serve made of?
Answer: Our soft serve ice cream is made with a soy base.

Question: How is it that your home made scooped ice cream is so delicious?
Answer: We use basic ingredients including cashews, coconut milk, peanut butter, sugar, real fruit, pure vanilla and other ingredients you can pronounce.  We make small batches at our Providence shop so we can control the quality of the ice cream.

Question: Why are your truck and shop menus different?
Answer: The truck has a limited amount of space, so we have to keep things simple.  Our truck menu is extensive, but you will definitely find a larger menu at the shop.  Included at the shop are a dozen flavors of hard ice cream, some baked goods (not always available) and a variety of our favorite retail items.

Question: Is your ice cream fat free?
Answer: The soft serve is fat free but our hard ice creams are not.  Something for everyone!

Question: How can we book you for an event?
Answer: Simply fill out the event inquiry on the ‘Book Us’  page and we’ll get back to you with how Like No Udder can fit into your event.

Question: Do you use vegan sugar?
Answer: To the best of our knowledge and research, yes, the sugar we use is indeed vegan.