Non-Dairy Soft Serve

& Vegan Treats



Currently serving Rhode Island and neighboring cities in Massachusetts.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for seeing us through season 6!  We are grateful for each customer and look forward to serving you in 2016. Stay tuned for updates to our upcoming projects - exciting stuff ahead.
The GPS tracker below is a GREAT way to find the truck. Here's how it works. When I am moving between stops, it updates every minute, so you can see me meander to a new location.  When I am stationary, the tracker updates anywhere between a few minutes and 45 minutes . . . . If the tracker is still on, even if the last update was some time ago, it means one thing - I am in that same spot and have not moved.  Checking Facebook and Twitter are always good first resources, then the GPS and then calling the number posted on social media that day.  Believe me, I want to serve you and am trying my best to make that a reality. 
Thanks to Jason for making this a reality!